we travel to get away from all the humdrum of daily life, at the same time it is also important to stay in touch with your near and dear ones while you are travelling. So many of us love to keep the documentation of our travel escapades on camera or mobile and share them through social media. Trust us technology can be really handy when you need to pass time on long journeys. Here we have listed five gadgets that one must carry while travelling.

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Can’t sleep without reading a book? Carry a Kindle!
Practically it is impossible to carry all the books with you while you travel. So it is advisable to rely on technology and carry an E-book, you can download all the books before your trip. They are small files that barely take up any space. For long bus rides and sunny beach days, having an e-reader is an ideal way to pass the time.

If you’re not travelling with a Smartphone yet, you’re really missing out on a lot! Think of all the times you uselessly spent lost while driving, had a taxi driver take you to the wrong destination, and were hesitant where you were going to stay or wanted the phone number for a hotel. You can fix all these basic troubles with a Smartphone. They are very easy to use and even without a SIM card; you can access the Wi-Fi over the phone and be online.

It is in fashion these days to carry a DSLR camera but there is no point in buying one when you actually have no interest in learning it. It is advisable to get a point and shoot camera which is also affordable and has great functions. Also if you have no budget for that as well and are tight on space, you can also use your Smartphone. Most of them have great cameras now.

World travel adapter

You should not travel to abroad without one. It’s so essential to purchase one that is the correct current as some are only for objects like hairdryers and curling irons. Instead of small ones to take to every destination, go for the one time purchase of a world adapter you can use everywhere. It can save you from many accidents as well!

Portable charger
This is one of the most handy and useful thing to take along while you travel. You can take it on the go and keep all your gadgets charged to full. It is always advisable to keep your gadgets fully charged when you travel and especially your phone because it is the most important and the life saving gadget at times.

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