Frigidaire Cool Connect Air Conditioner

Are things getting too hot to handle around your house? Maybe you’d prefer too cold to hold. Music jokes aside, if it’s getting too hot, it may be time to upgrade that old air conditioning unit to a newer model like the Frigidaire Cool Connect Air Conditioner. This one has some great features and it’s a smart model that connects to your Wi-Fi. It ranks as a best Wi-Fi smart air conditioner. Isn’t it about time you had a smart home and beat the heat?

It has 8000 BTUs of cooling power, is easy to set up and can be controlled via the app. This means that you can schedule it to turn on or off when you want. By controlling your AC unit remotely, you are going to save energy and money. Read the buyers guide below to see how it fared in my real-world tests over a very hot summer.

Is Frigidaire’s Cool Connect A Cool Investment?

Frigidaire Cool Connect Air Conditioner

This air conditioner with wi-fi will keep you cool as a cucumber.

With Alexa compatibility for voice control, 8000 BTUs, and wi-fi connectivity this air conditioner has some winning features, so let’s get straight to it and see what it does well and how it performed.


  • 8,000 BTUs
  • Easy setup
  • App is close to perfect


  • Wi-Fi loses connection now and then
  • Temperature gauge not always accurate

Cooling Power

8000 BTUs is nothing to sneeze at. While many AC units have higher, an 8000 BTU unit will get the job done for a lot of us. Simply put, BTUs measure how much water can be removed from the air per hour. This is a decently powerful window ac unit.

Frigidaire Cool Connect Air Conditioner App

The app that you use with this Frigidaire cool connect smart appliance is very good. I found it to be close to perfect in my tests. You can easily set your AC to any schedule you want, change the temp setting, adjust fan speeds and change modes. I actually wish that all apps were so easy to use as the Frigidaire app. No complaints in the smartphone app department. There’s no need for remote control.


This cool connect AC model will cool a small space up to 350 sq. ft. or less, so if that sounds like the size of one of your hot rooms, this will cool things down in the summer. I found that it did the job fairly quickly in cooling mode too. More on that below. Not bad for a wall ac unit. A 350 square foot room is a decent size. We can’t all have central air.


I was surprised that this Connect smart portable air conditioner was such an easy unit to work with right out of the box. Setup is easy as is app control. I first fired it up on a 98-degree day with east coast humidity that had to be about a wretched 90%. That’s the kind of day where you go outside for 5 minutes and come back in covered in sweat. The unit cooled the space down very quickly. Much quicker than the window acs I’ve been using previously.

Alexa is a great feature to have built-in if you just want to verbally command your AC unit too. I really loved how that made it even easier to use. The app is great too. Easy to use, easy to navigate and quick. Use it with your Amazon Echo.

Between the ability to schedule on/off times with the app and the fact that this model is so energy efficient being energy star certified, I know I saved a lot of money compared to my old unit. I’m not afraid to get the electric bill for once.

One of the few flaws here is that the temp gauge isn’t always accurate. It’s close enough that it didn’t bother me, but it isn’t to be trusted. The other is that the wi-fi connection will often be spotty. Again no big deal, but we kind of expect these things to be reliable.

Bottom Line

The Frigidaire Cool Connect is a very decent window air conditioner, with decent features and a decent price. It also looks nice and modern. You really can’t go wrong with this one.  It only has a few flaws, which are minor. It cools the area fast and doesn’t rumble in the window when you turn it on, which is also a big plus in my book. The air blows upward, creating a nice vortex and moving warmer air.

My final verdict is that this Frigidaire AC unit is well worth the price. One of the best window air conditioners.

This version of the Frigidaire AC unit has the good looks of the Frigidaire gallery series, so your smart window air conditioner and your other smart home devices look good together.

If you are looking for a portable air conditioner or a Frigidaire smart appliance, Frigidaire also has many portable air choices. This model is close to a portable acs in size, but I wouldn’t take it out of the window. Our Gadget Review air conditioner buying guide will help you shop for some of our other top pick air conditioners aside from this smart window air conditioner wifi model.

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