Audew Queen Size Air Mattress

If you have already checked out our best online mattress stores, Air mattresses like the Audew Upgraded Queen Size Air Mattress are great for when you have unexpected guests. You can easily inflate one and they have a place to sleep for instance. Or if you are in the process of moving and haven’t had your mattress shipped to you yet at the new place. They are great to keep set up in guest rooms too.

This Audew Air Mattress has a dual smart pump system for easy inflation and deflation, an ergonomic design for better support, and extra thick waterproof materials. It is designed to give you a superior sleeping experience on an air mattress.

Is The Audew Queen Size Air Mattress Comfortable?

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Audew Queen Size Air Mattress

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Audew Queen Size Air Mattress

A versatile and easy to use air mattress.

Not all air mattresses are created equal, but it is clear that Audew put a lot of thought into this inflatable sleeper. It has a lot of great features and is very versatile.


  • Inflates and deflates quickly
  • Comfortable
  • Intelligent pump shuts off automatically when inflated


  • Hard to fold up into a small space after

Build Quality And Design

The air mattress looks pretty much like any other mattress. It has a very strong and solid feel once you pump it up and the surface feels soft and pleasant when laying on it. It’s a fairly strong air mattress and a piece of cool furniture in general


The intelligent pump allows it to automatically stop when it is inflating so that you don’t have to stand around and babysit it. The dual smart pump system allows it to inflate in as little as 2 minutes and also deflate quickly. To help this bed stay firm, it also features inner coil air beams to provide extra support and maintain firmness. It has a weight capacity of up to 660 pounds.


This air mattress is super easy to set up and inflate. It takes about 2 minutes to inflate. Once you get on it, it is very comfortable. Those extra inner coil air beams really make a difference and give you extra support. Once it’s time to deflate it, it deflates quickly as well.

It is not easy to fold up and put away, but that isn’t the bed’s fault. I always have trouble even folding sheets. Regardless, it’s easy to use and manage.

Bottom Line

This is a comfortable air mattress that is a step above the competition. It is easy to use and you can get a restful nights sleep on it too. As a bonus, it is fast to set up and fast to take down. I was pretty impressed with the quality all around.

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