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Must Have Gadgets for Seniors

Gadgets for elderly? Yes you heard it right! There are tons of gadgets that can be used by the elderly on a regular basis and can make their life a little easier as well. Here are some of the gadgets that you can gift your beloved grandparents,

Digital Peephole Viewer

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This device has to be placed in the peephole. The digital peephole viewer has a clear and large image that eliminates the fish eye visual. This gadget is specifically designed to improve the front door security.

Outdoor and Indoor Motion LED Light

This indoor and outdoor motion LED light can be used outside and inside as well. It turns on automatically whenever some motion is detected. This particular gadget is battery operated and wireless.

Staple Free Stapler

This stapler basically uses ‘paper folding’ technology to interlock the papers. As the name suggests, it is staple free indeed. It does not require any staples and will not jam.  This gadget is safe for the elderly as well as the children.

Door Alert Set

Alert set is a wireless alarm system which can be easily placed on windows, cabinets and doors. You can control the alarm sounds. This gadget is like an additional security for your house.

Wireless Key Finder

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Wireless key finder allows you to locate your keys with just a push of a button. You can attach this device to your key chain and then keep the transmitter in a location for example, dresser, counter, desk, etc. It has a fifty foot range and when the ‘transmitter’ button is pressed beeps loudly . It costs around $35.

Touch Free Trash Can

 This gadget basically runs on batteries. It automatically opens the can’s lid when you are moving towards it. The sensors in this gadget picks up movements from up to ten inches away. The Touch free trash can costs around $120.

Deluxe Mail Chime

This particular gadget has one single sensor that sends wireless signals to the receiver (inside your home) whenever your mailbox is opened. The receiver beeps loudly and flashes red LED lights. So you do not have to worry about walking to the mailbox every single day. This deluxe mail chime costs less than $80.

Home Heart Check

This gadget is so recommended for people who have heart issues. With this gadget you can take the ECG readings any time and mail it to your doctor on the computer.

Another gadget that you can gift your grandparents is the simple TV remote. It is a basic remote with less number of buttons to avoid confusion. It controls volume, changes the channels and powers the TV.